Marmilla your land

Sardinia – we’re in the centre-south. Here stretches the idyllic Marmilla countryside, framed on one side by Monte Arci, clothed in rocky outcrops and lush forest, and on the other by two vast basalt tablelands, the “Giaras” of Gesturi and Siddi. Marmilla is made up of rolling hills, fascinating old towns with walled courtyards, homes made of mud bricks or rough-hewn stone, old arched portals. A land of country villages and enduring farming traditions.
This bucolic countryside is inscribed with traces of a fascinating past: menhirs, rock-hewn tombs locally known as “domus de janas” (houses of the fairies), and time-defying stone fortresses, the nuraghi, all bear witness to its ancient history. Marmilla is a land of living legends, where the last wild horses in Europe roam free among centuries’ old trees on the Giara plateau, and where the shard of obsidian on the slopes of Monte Arci take us back to the island’s ancient peoples.

But to get the full sense of Marmilla you must also explore its unique food heritage based on local farm produce: pasta dishes, sweets and pastries, olive oil, honey, pulses and an endless assortment of bread types.

From the Marmilla countryside to the sea

Would you rather discover sweeping country and mountain views or enjoy a stunning coastline? You can do both with Myland. From the rolling countryside of Marmilla you can reach the crystal-clear sea of the Sinis western coast along the network of cycling trails. Pedalling along these routes all the way to the coast of Oristano means passing almost by magic from a scenery of ancient forests, dark rocks and soft hills to a seascape alternating long ribbons of golden sand and quartz grain beaches with tall cliffs, lapped by clear sparkling water.

Head from the mountain to the hills to the sea on your bike, relying on a well-honed network of services and crossing a variety of magic landscapes along the way.

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