Myland is an innovative, interactive tourist project, based on a route-planning software.

You can create your own itinerary by entering your preferences: starting point, type of bicycle, focus on natural or historical heritage attractions, local events at the time of your trip, location of cafés/restaurants, guesthouses and B&Bs, technical difficulty and physical effort, steepness of slopes, maximum route length.

The routes generated by the software can be viewed on mobile devices but can also be printed. The printed version includes the route map and information on section lengths, climbs, attractions along the route etc.

What is more, Myland routes are covered by Wi-Fi internet connection, allowing real-time updates on places of interest along your route, local attractions (culture, events, food and wine, etc.), trail conditions, intersections and alternative routes.

This enables you to interact actively with the local territory, while remaining constantly connected with the rest of the world, also thanks to the many internet hot spots.

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